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2013-07-11 12:36Woodworking engraving machine maintenance steps

Woodworking engraving machine regular maintenance and sensible use of the machine, the machine can maintain good working condition and prolong the service life of the machine. Machine with a long, boot issue touching sound machine, slightly sharp metal friction sound, vent accumulation of sawdust piles, this time in relation to the maintenance.
Maintenance of the main tools needed: flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, universal sewing machine oil, a small brush.
1, unplug the power cord, safety first.
2, remove the plastic sheath, taking Phillips screwdriver counterclockwise to unlock two screws.
3, flathead screwdriver screw counterclockwise off his brush, needle nose pliers remove the carbon brush, brush remember well the installation location, the recovery was successful.
4, with a brush cleaning brush to remove dust. When an air gun spray it lightly.
5, shell slightly biased clawed.
6, the motor shaft with your fingers spin about whether there touch sound machine, metal friction sound.
7 to determine the dust is no longer with the sewing machine oil dripping one o'clock in the ring into the crevices, fingers unscrew the shaft, to ensure oil eat.
8, the remaining oil clean or rub on the future of dust.
9, according to the above steps to recover the device.
10, more than a screw locking, the first finger spin and see along the flow, carbon brushes installed good, sure no abnormal.
11, plug boot, to boot sound normal!
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