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2013-07-12 11:23Engraving machine control system

Engraving machines currently on the market there are two main control system, Weihong control system and DSP control system, these two control systems require the computer to boot.

Weihong control engraving machine is everyone talking about computer engraving machine, it is the principle at work carving machine at work primarily controlled by the computer, the first path on the computer to do with Weihong card data cable to the computer and engraving machine linking the output from the computer to control engraving machine work.
DSP control system that is controlled by the handle engraving machine, it also needs a computer at work. The first path on the computer to do, to make the path to save to the U disk, U disk and then into the handle, the handle is connected to the engraving machine, and by the output control engraving machine it to work. This system is easy to operate, for the engraving machine to work outdoors, and with this system is relatively convenient. General carpentry and stone engraving machine engraving machine with this operating system.
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