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2013-07-12 11:30How optional engraving machine

Many users in the choice of wood engraving machine, they tend to focus only on price, regardless of the life of the machine, which is undesirable. We all know the life of the machine is very important, life is largely determined engraving machine configuration brands. In matching wood engraving machine first according to their economic situation, you need to buy a lot of price, then according to this price choose a relatively high cost configuration. There are several key parts is very important, a guide, a spindle motor, inverter, gantry material, etc., the configuration of each brand is particularly important, such as the spindle motor, a variety of brand, but in which the price gap relatively large, so the quality can imagine, it is recommended that customers purchase not blindly blindly pursue low-cost, so-called no good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap, the ultimate expense of their own, do not just valued immediate petty, take away the light farther.

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