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2013-07-16 10:28To extend the service life of engraving machine

Whether the woodworking engraving machine, or stone engraving machine, we should make some routine maintenance in the use process, so that the engraving machine can work better, and increase service life of engraving machine, it should be how the day-to-day maintenance of CNC engraving machine?

1, regular cleaning of the electric appliance box dust, check the wiring terminal screw is loose, to ensure safe, reliable use circuit.

2, regular inspection machine parts screw is loose.

3, every time the machine after use, be sure to platform and drive system of dust clean, every week for a transmission system (X.Y.Z three shaft lubrication).

4, every continuous running time 10 hours, ensure the cooling water cleaning and water works, eliminate the water-cooled motor water, regular replacement of the cooling water, prevent the water temperature is too high.

5, if the long-term do not, should be regularly (weekly) filling empty walk, to ensure that the transmission system flexibility.

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