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2013-07-16 10:36Advanced woodworking engraving machine

Function of Ji'nan River CNC production "GANGER" series of woodworking engraving machine is advanced, reliable quality, model, high ratio of performance to price, and can be based on customer requirements, to provide customized services for the needs of customers, relative to other brand woodworking engraving machine, “GANGER” woodworking engraving machine, and more advanced in the function, mainly reflected in the following point:

1, direct display processing trajectory and simulated map, more intuitive to show, know in advance the processing effect, reduce errors.
2, optimize the arc command, carved on the arc time like a straight line fast, smooth section, to improve the efficiency of engraving arc.
3, the breakpoint memory function, such as power failure suddenly in the process of carving, when energized engraving machine processing can continue to follow the previous work.
4, better compatibility, can be compatible with most excellent engraving software.
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