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2013-07-17 17:28Stone engraving machine noise reduction

We used stone engraving machine is generally used in stepper motor, stepper motor with a pause at every step, the noise is normal. Then at a certain frequency, stone engraving machine also produces body resonance, with a perceptible noise, such noise will not affect the normal use of the machine, while the harmful effects and the noise of stone engraving machine mainly for the following two categories:

1, stone engraving machine spindle motor is running an abnormal noise, occurrence of such noise, indicating the presence of stone engraving machine spindle bearing spindle bearing life quality problems or have to, after the decline in the quality or worn or damaged, you can consider replacing.

2, the axial stone engraving machine emits unusual sounds when walking, this phenomenon more than exist in the X-axis, multi-axial motor bearing damage or lack of lubrication X-axis rails, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop etc., must be timely treatment.

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