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2013-08-28 11:15Woodworking engraving machine control classification

Understand and are familiar with CNC woodworking engraving machine operation mode, will better improve the productivity of CNC woodworking engraving machine, CNC woodworking engraving machine prolong life and improve CNC woodworking engraving machine carving precision, CNC woodworking engraving machine operation control mode is divided into three categories:

1, CNC woodworking engraving machine all operators working with computer controlled complete, woodworking engraving machine at work when the computer is in working condition, can not be other typesetting work, so the computer may be caused by misuse solid waste.
2, the use of single-chip control, this controller can work in the same wood engraving machine for typesetting, but you can not turn off the computer, which is actually equivalent to savings of a computer, computer misuse and reduce waste caused.
3, using the USB port to transfer data, the system has more than 32M of memory, as long as you finish saving the file, you can right away completely from the computer, turn off the computer or other typesetting, this approach greatly improves the work efficiency of wood engraving machine.
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