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2013-08-29 11:34Woodworking engraving machine design more humane

As people increase the level of awareness engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine equipment market increasingly popular, the utilization rate increased rapidly growing wide range of applications, structural design is also more humane.

Woodworking engraving machine processing track and mimic diagram shows the customer files for typesetting effect simulation, analysis of work processes is reasonable, this is the simulation. With the breakpoint memory function, function block number specified starting location when your device suddenly loses power (or cutting knife, or due to the material processed materials and half finished without carving, or in some places still need further processing), you can use this feature allows the engraving work continues. You can directly edit the generated G code G code when the user needs to make further changes, you can read directly (in WINDWS open notepad format), facilitate your operations on files. Processing time, this procedure greatly facilitate your purchase choice, by an identical machining parts, you can compare and then select your satisfaction. If you need to mass product, you can budget your time-consuming process, but also can help you choose the most efficient processing mode.
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