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2013-08-31 11:46Select the appropriate engraving machine spindle motor

We choose for engraving machine spindle motor, the main should consider the following:
1, whether the spindle motor with high precision bearings, if you do not use high-precision bearings, spindle motor performance is overheated after long high-speed rotation, affecting the life of the spindle motor.
2, rotate at different speeds, especially high-speed rotation, even if the sound is in harmony.
3, whether the spindle radial force. Main reference is whether high-speed cutting hard texture of the material. Some of the spindle only at very low speed cutting of hard materials, otherwise the performance will seriously lose spindle turn, affect precision spindle after some time, even so.
4, if you want to pursue high-efficiency machining, machining is necessary to speed, while the amount of big knife to eat, such as processed wood materials, we need more power 2.2KW spindle motor.
5, spindle engraving equipment standard configuration according to the specifications of different devices have different configurations.
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