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2013-09-03 16:46The important role of engraving machine ball screw

Effect of ball screw on the engraving machine is very important, which is composed of a screw, nut and ball, it is the rotary motion into linear motion, or linear motion into rotary motion of ideal transmission element, because of the friction resistance is very small, the ball screw is widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instrument, ball screw motion due to high efficiency, small heat, so can achieve high-speed feed movement. Ball screw with ball movement, starting torque is small, does not appear as a creeping phenomenon of sliding movement, so as to ensure accurate micro feed. Doing a lot of ball rolling movement between the ball screw of the screw shaft and screw nut, movement can get higher efficiency, compared to the last slide ball screw drive torque reaches 1/3, namely achieves the power required for the use of the same motion results of rolling screw pair of 1/3, is helpful in saving. At present, the ball screw drive element is most often used in precision machinery, its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, or torque into axial cyclic force, at the same time with high accuracy, reversibility and high efficiency.

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