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2013-09-05 13:18The main features of the stepper motor

1, the general accuracy of the stepper motor step angle of 3-5%, and does not accumulate.

2,Appearance of stepper motor maximum allowable temperature: stepper motor causes the motor temperature is too high the first magnetic demagnetization, resulting in loss of torque down even further, so the motor surface temperature should be the maximum allowed depending on the motor point magnetic demagnetization ; generally speaking, the magnetic demagnetization points are above 130 degrees Celsius, some even as high as 200 degrees Celsius, so the appearance of stepper motor temperature is 80-90 degrees Celsius completely normal.
3, stepper motor torque will decrease with the increase of speed, when the stepping motor rotates, the motor winding inductance of each phase will form a reverse electromotive force; higher the frequency, the greater the reverse electromotive force. In its role, the motor with the frequency (or speed) increases while the phase current decreases, resulting in decreased torque.
4, the stepper motor speed can be normal operation, but if more than a certain speed will not start, accompanied by howling. Stepper motor has a technical parameter: load starting frequency, ie stepper motor with no load to start the normal pulse frequency, if the pulse frequency is higher than this value, the motor does not start properly, you may lose steps or stall. In the case of a load, start frequency should be lower. If you want the motor to achieve high-speed rotation, the pulse frequency should speed up the process, which starts lower frequency, and then at a certain acceleration rise to the desired frequency (motor speed from low rise to high speed).
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