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2013-09-06 16:07Application of woodworking engraving machine

Elegant styling, a touch of woody, giving a thick cultural atmosphere, together with the pieces of calligraphy and painting, minimalist interior gives create a refreshing environment, this is the antique furniture gives the impression, so in furniture product selection, antique wood furniture slowly become the first choice for families, but has penetrated the wood engraving machine used antique furniture.

Previously, antique wood furniture production are the traditional handmade artists carpenter to build, simple authoring tools under trial in the artisans, the screen will show the most of the furniture, minimalist furniture sets the number of artisans cohesion of effort, so prices are high, is the ordinary people of luxury. But now the era of rapid development in the manufacturing sector, for antique wood furniture manufacturing process also received a great deal of reform, the machine instead of by hand, especially now woodworking engraving machine manufacturing has become more sophisticated.
Jinan River CNC woodworking engraving machine developed and manufactured in the production of this piece of antique furniture made ​​breakthrough progress in machine adopts gantry structure, and is adjustable try, the maximum extent possible to meet the needs of different situations feed, heavy-duty bed enhanced stability during operation of the machine, rack gear transmission more stable way to make these basic structure of the machine in the production of antique wood furniture, high-speed operation to ensure long time deformation does not shake, over the years by the majority of the furniture industry praise.
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