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2013-09-11 11:39Woodworking engraving machine tool causes of damage

Generally the reason why wood engraving machine may damage the tool, the following main reasons:

1, woodworking engraving machine processed materials have impurities and material hardness is too large.
2, the spindle motor speed is too low, the spindle motor speed is too low, per tooth per revolution of cut becomes large, so that the cutting force becomes large, it will cause cutting knife.
3, woodworking engraving machine supplied power is stable, unstable power supply can also cause engraving machine cutting knife.
4, carving allowance is reasonable, whether there is a stepped margin, so that there will be changes in the processing of cutting force caused by vibration, resulting in cutting knife.
5, woodworking engraving machine priority mode is normal, it directly affects the machine's startup speed, the higher the speed the easier it will start to vibrate, so it is easy to cause the cutting knife.
6, the machine is suitable for processing such materials, machine tools and materials are stable and level with the ground, did not hit a level that could cause cutting knife.
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