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2013-09-12 20:31Stone engraving machine layered carving

Stone engraving machine in use is the most commonly used layered carving, it carries on the detailed introduction to the layered carving:

Stone carving is generally concave convex very large, flat carving look more like three-dimensional carving, so it requires the engraving depth is very large, and the maximum depth of engraving machine tool tool is limited, and stone material determines an engraving depth should not be too deep, otherwise easy to damage the tool and equipment, so it is necessary to use layered carving. Under normal circumstances we are generated by the image model, open the carving patterns, setting up relief size and relief depth, the depth refers to the total depth of relief. Set the future we click on 3D effect chart preview the relief effect. The next step is to generate tool path. Select the "processing relief", first select the tool, here to pay special attention to, in the tool to edit parameters which have a "cut step", this value is every layer under the knife away, according to the quality of the material hardness and tool set. There is a "multi axis Z layer cutting" below the tool selected, do remember to check when stratified selected behind the box. Input the first layer to carve depth in the first path of Z axis, Z axis for the negative value; high input relief last path of total depth can, numerical value is negative. The rest of the set and do not need statified sculpture like. All set up later, can simulate the tool path, we can see the generated path is layered, the path into the stone engraving machine control system can be layered processing.
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