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2013-09-15 10:43Woodworking engraving machine spindle failure

Woodworking engraving machine spindle common faults are:

1, there is a shaft axis can not move, this time to check the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block is damaged. Fixed inspection method is to unplug the corresponding shaft inserted in the other axis corresponding to the active drive, if the drive shaft does not move after the exchange is normal, indicating that the shaft can drive the corresponding block is corrupt, the driver has to be replaced block, if you do not drive shaft or not it shows a faulty cable or replace the motor cable or motor.
2, three-axis are not active, then check whether the air plugs and three-axis control box connected, the control box is powered on. Whether the data lines and the control box and the computer host controller card connected.
Since wood engraving machine spindle is an important part, what's wrong if it appears, will directly affect the normal operation of woodworking engraving machine operation, so when the spindle is faulty and should be timely excluded because the only way to ensure normal woodworking engraving machine operation.
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