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2013-09-16 16:30Engraving machine installation process

1、the engraving machine placed on a flat surface, carving the four corners of the body by adjusting the leveling, the proposed level meter will be raised to the level of the table.

2、the vacuum tube holder are fixed to the Z-axis head and the side of the bed frame. Fixed part has screws on top, remove the bracket will be mounted on the top (alternative).
3、Fill the water tank. Cutting spindle motor is cooled by water, so we fixed a water tank on the chassis, adding water from the inlet (water-cooled spindle).
4、the left rear of the chassis engraving machine's power cord to the external power supply. First, the Weihong operating software installed on your computer, turn off the computer after the CNC machine host adapter card inserted in the PCI slot. Prompted to restart your computer engraving machine control software can be used. Check the pump is working properly, the method: pull out the outlet pipe to see if there is flowing out. Pump outlet after long hours of work can not have been flowing out, the pump reverses any adjust the input to the pump replacement on two lines below the pump forward.
5、there is brush the dust cover from the spindle cutting set into the bottom of the motor, brush cutter to lower spindle clamp a knife at the location, of course, this position is adjustable, mainly can play a good vacuuming results.
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