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2013-09-22 16:14How to improve the engraving machine performance?

Engraving machine in the course of the most common failure is Duandao problem, often cutting knife engraving process not only increases the cost, sometimes resulting in the waste material waste caused carving, the following summarizes some of the engraving machine Duandao prevention methods, hoping to help the majority of engraving machine users at work to avoid cutting knife phenomenon:

1, engraving milling machine table must.
2, the tool must be on being perpendicular to the axis.
3, be sure to check before running the spindle is solid, can not have any loose.
4, the vacuum suction plate fixed firmly stabilize must take no more vacuum to note that it should also take a solid plate firmly fixed level.
5, according to a cutting knife engraving speed is the reason, slow warming high Duandao easy, fast and easy Duandao high resistance, so cutting must be based on the plate thickness, material, etc. to control the engraving speed.
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