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2013-09-24 11:25Woodworking engraving machine performance measure

Woodworking engraving machine to measure the performance of many factors, not only is the overall configuration of the machine, the more important is the accuracy of the assembly machine, which is mainly reflected in the device between the vertical axis, flatness, positioning accuracy, repeatability and other parameters .

Vertical axis between the main impact of the workpiece dimensional accuracy, XY axis perpendicular to the large degree of typical performance is not equal to the diagonal of a rectangle, Z axis and XY plane perpendicular to a large degree is a typical example of a large flat blade pitch milling plane when uneven surface; flatness main impact plate, the difficulty of leveling the workpiece. After assembly debugging engraving machine engraving machine table to milling to ensure flatness, Accuracy of positioning error of the workpiece size, mainly determined by the accuracy of the screw, the compensation capacity of the control system, the ambient temperature changes. When the range of processing more than 300 mm, we must consider the size of the workpiece positioning accuracy impact; repeatability main impact multitool processing, multi-step processing. Repeat positioning accuracy mainly depends on the control precision. Rack drive than the screw drive engraving machine engraving machine precision lower.
Only the above-mentioned indicators have reached the requirements to be a qualified woodworking engraving machine.
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