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2013-09-29 14:44Woodworking engraving machine Caution

Woodworking engraving machine as a CNC mechanical, performance, or if you do not know its improper operation, which may threaten the safety of persons or the machine, so the use of wood engraving machine, we should note the following:

1, using the wood engraving machine, avoid to use the rated voltage standard power supply.
2, prohibits the cloudy rain, thunder weather circumstances for woodworking engraving machine installation and commissioning.
3, rigorous engraving machine installed in the open-air environment, because wood engraving machine humid environment the most taboo.
4, woodworking engraving machine if you use smoke, odor, noise and other anomalies, please stop using it immediately.
5, can not be destroyed or easily replace the original wood engraving machine accessories, and cables.
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