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2013-09-30 11:48Woodworking engraving machine maintenance linear guides

Linear guide is wood engraving machine is a very important one of the components, linear guides do woodworking engraving machine maintenance, not only can prolong its life, while ensuring precision machining, woodworking engraving machine to make normal and stable work to ensure that product processing quality, good linear guide routine maintenance is very necessary.

Generally linear guides require routine cleaning and routine maintenance of the dust in order to improve its service life. CNC woodworking engraving machine in the process will produce some dust, if large quantities of dust deposited on the rail, linear shaft surface, equipment for precision engraving machine has a great influence, and will guide linear axis surface pitting, shorten equipment life. Woodworking engraving machine after they have finished working with a dry cotton cloth until shiny clean rails, plus a little oil, the machine in manual mode to run around, up and down a few times, so that oil will be evenly distributed in the track surface, can play to maintain the role of the rail.
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