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2013-10-07 11:10Improve the efficiency of engraving machine

To improve the efficiency of engraving machine , the most important aspect is to run the machine parameter settings , manual low speed , manual speed affects the machine in manual mode speed, air speed affects the machine after carrying knives when dry run speed , processing speed is not difficult to understand the normal processing machine running speed . These speed engraving machine according to the overall hardness of the material properties and processing into account, as far as possible be set to the maximum in order to improve efficiency.

On the software side to do the same word to select a different tool will generate a different tool path , the tool path is not the same as it means that the processing time will be gaps. Therefore, the path we are doing when we must choose a good tool type in the path of the premise can make a larger size tool selection model , so the resulting path will be reduced , the actual processing time will be reduced. There is an important setting is the software carrying knives distance setting . The larger the value , woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine during operation the longer dry run , we can make the flatness of the material will minimize this value .
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