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2013-10-15 19:26How to solve electromagnetic interference engraving machine

Woodworking engraving machine electromagnetic signal interference problems, mainly the stepper motor and drive housing is not aluminum , titanium, magnesium alloy casing for magnetic shielding for highly sensitive receiving system to cause interference , it can not work, and pollution power , causing the control system SCM and PC can not communicate in more severe cases can cause SCM crash, preventing normal use . Electromagnetic interference problems arise how should we deal with it ?

1 , the installation of the AC power mains filter to reduce pollution.
2 , the use of shielded cable to reduce interference from the outside world on their own .
3 , requiring a good grounding . Point grounding principle, mains filter , the drive PE ground ( chassis backplane driver and insulation ) and direction control pulse PULSE- DIR- short pulses lead after the motor ground wire cable between the drive and the motor protective cover, drive shielded wire are connected to the grounding screw on the chassis wall .
4 , to prevent cross . For example in a two -axis drive system on the same machine engraving drive chassis device location , try to increase the control cable and power cable (LN motor drive line ) and the distance between the UVW .
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