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2013-10-16 11:16Engraving machine spindle motor derusting method

Because the reasons for the work environment, stone engraving machine if maintenance is not timely, the spindle motor is very easy to rust, minor rust does not affect the normal use of the spindle motor, but if a long time without treatment, will shorten the life of the spindle motor. Several woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine rust easy way:

1, by hand to knock, shovel, scrape, brush, sand or flexible setback way to eliminate the appearance of rust, scale, etc. It is radical painters rust method can also be used blade, scraper, pointed hammer, wire brush , emery cloth, broken blades and other tools, is the most convenient way.
2, you can use clean lubricant WD-40, spray evenly on the motor, about half a child can be wiped with a cotton cloth above a rust stone engraving machine, if the rust can be more powerful then get a few, WD-40 is not conductive , and have a good lubricating effect.
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