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2013-10-23 10:14Application of engraving machine in the bamboo crafts

The woodworking engraving machine and in the application of bamboo crafts bamboo handicrafts in more widely, because of unique design, exquisite workmanship, elegant color, not deformation, not moth eaten, smooth and other characteristics, has been loved by the vast number of consumers, the market sales of bamboo handicrafts is very good, the market prospect is broad.

With the development of application, woodworking engraving machine in the production process of bamboo handicrafts are also constantly improved, great progress in production. Firstly, carving pattern is automatically identifying path in planar graphs on the original according to the engraving software to produce, three-dimensional carving, stereo sense is strong, engraving, cutting, hollow can. Secondly, woodworking engraving machine has the configuration such as a heavy body, transmission mode makes the operation process to achieve extremely smooth. The third mechanized operation which greatly improve the efficiency of sculpture, the product can be mass production.
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