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2013-10-26 10:40Stone engraving machine way off the knife

Stone engraving machine There are several ways off the knife?

1, the entry type. Knife tool from the side of the starting point of engraving path into a knife to the depth of processing, and then in accordance with the radius of the arc or straight line length parameter settings, cut into the starting point of the path, in carving. This ensures that leave no stone engraving machine tool in carving surface traces.
2, oblique type. The knife, glass engraving tool is not straight down, but with a certain angle oblique fall. This can be avoided in the art of stone carving because of excessive momentum lead to broken glass, also reduce the marks left in the engraving on the surface.
3, the gradual. Fall the engraving depth tool is not directly falls to the setting of the knife, but to a certain depth in the falling down, the tool is raised, to a certain depth until the fall to the depth position. This way can be avoided in the carving knife high hardness materials, due to momentum due to the large stone damage or deformation and breaking knife tool.
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