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2013-10-29 10:53CNC engraving machine Features

Engraving machine is widely used in furniture , woodworking machinery, stone, advertising , exhibitions and many other industries will use it , and hand-carved and traditional remedy the inadequacies of CNC machining , while the maximum possible draw both the advantages of the two mastery, and gradually formed a CNC engraving features.

1 , CNC stone engraving machine , woodworking engraving machine , advertising engraving machine for the processing of the main text, pattern, texture , small complex surfaces , thin-walled , small precision parts , such as irregular relief art , these objects are characterized by size small , complex shape , finished requires fine .
2, in the process , since the engraving area is small and complex, so the main use of CNC engraving 6.0mm below the small tool for fine machining, engraving products, high dimensional accuracy, product consistency , which are precision mold engraving and size requirements bulk product processing is of great significance .
3 , CNC engraving process is the principle of high-speed milling , CNC machining and conventional comparison , CNC engraving manner similar to high-speed milling , is vividly called " Eat Run" processing methods .
4, using the engraving machine low labor intensity, high degree of automation , less dependent on the operator , the control system automatically controlled according to the processing instruction CNC engraving machine tool motion , complete carving tasks , greatly reducing the labor intensity , this highly automated process greatly reduced the production of traditional hand-carved reliance skills .
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